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From delicate drops to statement hoops, elevate your bridal look with our exclusive wedding jewelry collection. Handmade from the finest materials like yellow gold, rose gold, silver and pearls - wear now, treasure forever.
Indi Earrings
A classic freshwater pearl drop earring.
CAD $170
Felipa Earrings
Timelessness meets elegance with the Felipa Earrings.
CAD $170
Willa Earrings
The staple earrings you'll cherish forever.
CAD $140
Abella Earrings
Impeccably crafted earrings to complete any look. ​
CAD $170
GRACE Pendant
Make a statement with the Grace Pendant.
CAD $130
Fin Earrings
Equal parts sophisticated and chic.
CAD $130
GRACE Anklet
Add a touch of GRACE to your wedding day look.
CAD $90
Lilou Earrings
GRACE take on the traditional heirloom.
CAD $120
Sade Earrings
You’ll be wearing the stunning Sade earrings ever after!
CAD $300


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Wedding Jewelry

Our collection of wedding jewelry is the finishing touch you need to add some extra glam to your wedding day.


Grace Loves Lace has all the wedding accessories you need to finish your wedding look elegantly and effortlessly. In addition to our veils and shoes, we have collaborated with skilled jewelry designers to bring you a striking selection of wedding jewelry.


Full of refined, exquisite, and modern pieces, finding the right bridal jewelry to complement your dress and accentuate your best features is finally an easy task.


Original and Hand-Made Bridal Jewelry

The same way we have revolutionized the bridal "uniform” with new and unique designs, expect our wedding jewelry to be fashion-forward and contemporary while exuding grace and timeless elegance. From our take on traditional pearl earrings to sparkling and frivolous tulle anklets, delicate gold pendants and show-stopping pearl backpieces, our collection of wedding jewelry is both unique and effortlessly elegant, exactly like our GRACE brides.


Jewelry Sets for Weddings and Elegant Occasions

Find your dream jewelry for your wedding day — then be surprised and impressed by its versatility and adaptability.


In fact, our bridal jewelry is the perfect statement piece to accessorize any outfit, not just wedding gowns, and can easily be styled in new and unique ways.


From elegant events to fancy dinners and special occasions, you can wear your bridal jewelry and feel as beautiful as you did on your special day. Gifting jewelry can also hold a special meaning. Why not say “Thank you” to your mum, bridesmaids, flower girl or any other woman who helps make your dream wedding come true, with matching jewelry for a treasured memento of a lovely day?


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